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Dolphin Swim School has been well established over the past years with many different locations through out Toronto such as Markham, Richmond Hill, and Scarborough. We offer a fun and safe learning environment​ with an exceptional coach and instructor team.


Having your child exposed to water at a young age is recommended and very beneficial. Swimming lessons can provide your kids with confidence to over come their fears, help develop their social skills by interacting with kids their age, learn about water safety in and around water, and help improve their strength and stamina gradually as they grow up. Whether you are a non swimmer or a expert swimmer of any age, you can enter our program and find an appropriate class for you to fit right in. 

Overcome Fears

We will help your child over come their fears and anxieties by providing him or her with opportunities to try new activities and explore new things. By overcoming fears, we can empower them and make them feel more confident in everyday life

Develop Social Skills

Kids can learn to deal with and resolve conflicts on their own and be exposed to people from different cultures and backgrounds. By developing more confidence in their social skills also gives a boost to children's self-esteem.

Praise and Encouragement

Setting goals and achieving different levels gives children's the opportunity to receive praise and accolades from coaches and peers. Praise and encouragement play the important roles as confidence boosters to kids and even adults. 

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